Actual events:

Works made by present time:

Commissining of the Fuel Handling Machine for Wet Spent Fuel Storage at Kozloduy NPP
New type Fuel Handling Machine,
Manufacturer : Ganz Machinery and EVIG 2003-2006.
Features: is capable for handling fuel cassettes both for VVER-1000 and VVER-44, and hermetic casks, caps, lids.

Modernisation of path measuring system for Fuel Handling Machine at Modular Vault Dry Storage of Paks NPP

Design of upgraded software suitable for handling the closed hermetic casks placed around cleaning container in pool No.1 during recreation works of Fuel Handling Machine at Unit 2 of Paks NPP

Design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of Radiation Control System Bunker to accommodate 300 and 450 people, Closed Direction Point at Paks NPP
Manufacturer: EVIG 2006.

Modification of Fuel Handling Machine at Unit 1-4 of Dukovany NPP for handling Castor container with Dense Grid Fuel Storage.

14-th reconstruction made by EVIG assures Control System of Fuel Handling Machine to operate flawlessly, safely, in accordance with regulations, providing short time of refuelling operations

Completion of reconstruction works of Fuel Handling Machine at Unit 2 of Zaporozhye NPP. Safety, speed and man-machine interface improved dramatically. Reconstruction was completed within obligatory maintenance time.